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The Birthday Present

As I recounted in the last blog on Gentle Seductions, there really are so many interesting stories, mostly true stories, that can be told about adventures in the escort world, and this is just one of them. The wonderful girl who is the subject of this tale is called Akeno, whose beauty is evident to anyone who checks out her pictures on this website; take a look at her now, and the memory of her image will greatly enhance your enjoyment while she tells you her story. read more


What Kura did next

There are so many different role play scenarios that are played out on a regular basis by escorts all over the world, but some girls turn role play into an art form and none quite as magnificently as Kura who can be booked exclusively here in London on Gentle Seduction. Kura, as you can see by looking at her gallery pictures, is a very beautiful young woman with an absolutely amazing body, and she is probably the right fit for almost any fantasy you might have. read more


Kura's Role Play Adventures

Kura had not been working as an escort for very long when she discovered that a lot of her clients enjoyed role playing fantasies as well as tasting the delights of her amazing body. She had always assumed that her beautiful face and perfect breasts would be more than enough to satisfy any man, but her looks were ideally suited to role play; Kura can dress like a schoolgirl and look like a schoolgirl, albeit a schoolgirl with rather well-developed breasts; or she can dress plainly and act like an innocent young girl who pretends to resist the advances of her client, at least for a while. Kura can wear sexy underwear and be the naughty mistress of every man’s dream; in fact, there are no fantasies that are beyond her abilities. read more